Material 6 – i-Docs Symposium and Blog

i-Docs is a platform for people interested in interactive documentaries: its is a website and a Symposium.

From the website:

“This site is for people involved with or interested in interactive documentary. We call this work “i-docs” – a term coined by Sandra Gaudenzi who was one of the co-founders of the i-Docs project. The website is a space for news, analysis and dialogue between practitioners, researchers, students and enthusiasts – a place where we hope you can learn, reflect and expand your understanding of the field. The website is run on a community model. If you would like to contribute a post on the aesthetic, ethical, political or business aspects of i-docs then we would like to hear from you. We welcome shorter news-based posts as well as longer academic work and dissemination of research – contact i-Docs  for more information”.

The i-Docs Symposium

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